easySoles Control

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Stable and secure - maximizes ground contact for more precision in dynamic movement.

easySoles Control
Stable and secure - maximizes ground contact for more precision in dynamic movement.

easySoles Control
is an innovative solution for more comfort and endurance in your shoes with a heel of up to 4cm - while standing, walking and of course dancing.

It is manufactured on the basis of your footprint using a 3D printing process. The easySoles Control increases the contact surface, supports the arch, takes pressure off the toes and relieves the ball of the foot and the forefoot.

Our cover material consists exclusively of microfibers in an attractive leather look and has unique properties: it is 100% breathable and absorbs 8 times its volume weight in moisture! Combined with its heat-regulating effect, it provides a high level of comfort and perfect dryness. The cover material is produced environmentally friendly and CO2-free, is free of chrome VI and tested according to Oeko Tex Standard 100.

easySoles Control
The easySoles Control is inserted into your closed shoe. The underside of the insole is provided with a slightly adhesive layer. This activates after a few hours of wearing the insole and provides adhesion in the shoe.

For increased wearing comfort and better shock absorption, easySoles Control come with self-adhesive heel cushioning pads.

Our insole can be cut to 2/3 of the length. If your shoe is too tight with the insole, without padding in the forefoot, then we recommend gradually shortening the insole up to 2/3 of the length. This will guarantee the optimal amount of space.

The cover material is available in orange, blue, taupe, nature, brown and anthracite. The material in the colors orange and blue is scented with eucalyptus. This unfolds when worn or when rubbing the insole.

Empfohlen für:

Everyday shoes, flat dancing shoes and practice dancing shoes


Orange with eucalyptus scent, blue with eucalyptus scent, taupe, nature, brown, anthracite


To put in, easily adheres

Ball of foot padding

self-adhesive pads for heel padding, complete under padding for sport or for comfort


Max. 1mm thickness in forefoot area (without padding), can be cut to ¾ of the length